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Finding Your Voice: Career Tips for Success in Voice Over with Nate Begle

Episode Summary –

In this episode, our host Belinda Ellsworth, is joined by Nate Begle, a seasoned voice over professional with over 15 years of experience. Nate shares valuable insights and advice on pursuing a career in voice over, the power of puppetry, and finding joy in the world of voice acting.

“Find your passion. Find the genre or the lane within voice over that you love the most, whether it's commercial work, animation, audio books, video games…whatever it is. Find that passion and really focus on it.”

From his beginnings as a puppeteer to becoming a successful voice actor, Nate's story is an inspiration for aspiring artists. Here are some key learnings from his interview that can help you navigate your own path in the world of voice over.

1. Research and Background Checks:
Nate emphasizes the importance of doing thorough research and background checks before pursuing a career in voice over. Understanding the industry, its different genres (commercial, animation, audiobooks, video games, etc.), and the skills required can help you make informed decisions and set realistic goals.

2. Find Your Passion and Focus:
Voice over offers opportunities in various genres. Nate advises finding your passion and focusing on a specific genre or niche. Whether it's character work for animation or persuasive delivery for commercials, honing your skills in a specific area can help you stand out and excel.

3. Acting and Improv Classes:
Taking acting classes, improv classes, and an intro to voice over course can be incredibly beneficial in developing your skills and understanding of the industry. These classes provide a foundation in acting techniques, character development, and script interpretation, and help you bring authenticity to your voice-over performances.

4. Build Technical Knowledge:
Having technical knowledge is essential in today's voice-over industry, particularly with the rising trend of remote work. Nate suggests investing in learning about recording techniques, audio editing, and self-direction. This will enable you to work consistently and adapt to the changing demands of the field.

5. Utilize Resources:
There are plenty of resources available to aspiring voice actors. Online platforms, podcasts, and websites can offer valuable information and guidance. However, Nate reminds us that success in voice over requires hard work and dedication, regardless of the resources available.

6. Connect with Industry Professionals:
Nate generously offers guidance and recommendations for coaches and contacts within the voice over industry. Networking with professionals in the field can provide insight, opportunities, and a supportive community.

Nate Begle's journey as a voice over artist teaches us that the path to success is paved with continuous learning, hard work, and unwavering passion. Finding your “irreducible minimum,” understanding your audience, and making authentic connections are key components of success in any form of art. Take inspiration from Nate's story, invest in yourself, and explore the captivating world of voice over to find your own happy place. 


About the Guest – 

Nate is a seasoned VO professional with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. His passion has always been bringing stories, characters, and words to LIFE!
With a diverse portfolio that includes national commercials for major brands like Taco Bell, Verizon, and Xbox, as well as countless animation, video game, ADR, and dubbing projects, Nate has the skills and experience to make any project connect with it’s audience. He has also lent his vast array of voices and characterizations to over 30 audiobooks (and counting), working with top authors like James Patterson and Claudia Gray.

But Nate's expertise doesn't stop there – he's also a trained stage, film, and television actor and puppeteer, having worked with industry giants like The Jim Henson Company, Sesame Street, and The Walt Disney Company. He has the unique perspective and skills to breathe life into the words of any medium. Plus, as the owner of Begle Booth Studios, a recording studio specializing in audio production for film, television, and all digital platforms, Nate can double as an expert audio engineer as well and assist with any post-production needs.

Incomparable range, extreme versatility, engaging tonality – Nate is your go-to, for the voice(s) you need.

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