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Orlando Rios

Episode Summary –

From his early twenties, Orlando Rios has had a love of entrepreneurship and a lot of early success. From owning his own nationally distributed magazine to starting and operating an Austin music festival, he experienced a lot at a young age. Meaning, he experienced the many failures along with the successes.

He later decided after working for himself for so many years to take a job as a social media manager for an internet company. It was then where he started to hone his craft, learn how real marketing companies operate and start applying what he'd learned to his interests and side projects.

Today he is an Online Marketing Manager for one of the biggest names in health and wellness and is busier than ever. But he finds the time to follow his side projects and his own dreams nonetheless. This time around its podcasting! He's produced some of the top podcasts available on iTunes and now wants to teach others how to do the same and spread their voice and message.