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From Rejection to Success: Ashley Silfies’s Journey on Shark Tank and Oprah's Favorite Things

Episode Summary –
In this episode, host Belinda Ellsworth interviews Ashley Silfies, co-owner, designer, and CEO of Pink Picasso Kits. Ashley shares her journey in starting Pink Picasso Kits, which are paint by number kits featuring famous artists.

Ashley reveals that her business had a significant breakthrough when they appeared on Shark Tank. After applying for funding multiple times, they finally received a call from a producer in 2021. The process of getting on the show involved multiple cuts and requests for paperwork, but Ashley and her partner were eventually flown out and tested multiple times for COVID before taping their episode.

She also mentions that their episode aired in November and can be found on Hulu. Ashley emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself and working hard, even when no one is watching. She acknowledges the challenges and pressures of owning a business, but emphasizes the need for humility and being open to learning from others.

Overall, this episode highlights the journey and success of Ashley Silfies and the valuable lessons she has learned along the way in building her business.

Key Learnings :

[00:04:17] Pink Picasso: Job born from life experience.
[00:09:26] Business evolved rapidly through press and partnerships.
[00:12:00] Shark Tank process was challenging but successful.
[00:19:17] Importance of cost, planning, and networking.
[00:29:17] Meeting Adam Glassman and Rayanne, Oprah picked our product after 9 months.
[00:34:19] Flexibility and peace make working from home fulfilling.
[00:39:33] “Hard work, humility, and resilience lead to success.”

About Ashley Silfies :

Ashley Silfies co-founded Pink Picasso, a business that emerged from a turning point in their lives. With Ashley's extensive experience in photography and wholesale, they decided to create paint by number kits. Starting with a small investment, they sold out multiple times and built a successful business. Ashley's skills in sales, manufacturing, and photography combined with her spouse's expertise in processes and details have contributed to the company's growth and success. They both work together and share ownership of the company.

How to connect Ashley :

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