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Carrie Jeffries

Episode Summary –

Carrie started her entrepreneurial career early on in grade school when she created potholders to sell door to door, tried selling lemonade on the street corner & other ventures where she would trade things she owned for things she wanted.

For the last 16 years, she & her husband have been crisscrossing the country having moved 9 times, a true road warrior. So, being corporate gypsies (as her husband calls it), she t created a part-time side hustle which she turned into a flourishing 6-figure online retail empire for over a decade.

Being the entrepreneurial visionary and not satisfied to stay comfortable in one business, Carrie started her new gig, Bold & Sassy Solutions which helps struggling women entrepreneurs save their businesses and their dreams. She created Bold & Sassy because she was absolutely sick of seeing intelligent, hard-working, gifted women constantly struggle & give up because they were plagued with fear, frustration, confusion, distraction, burnout, lack of confidence & courage and so many deadly dream stealers.

Carrie & her team help women entrepreneurs Get Out of Their Own Way, Own Their “Real” Voice, Take Massive, Focused Action & Create Serious Bankable “Profit.” “Because it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep.”

Her raw, get real, bottom-line style has made her a favorite among her social circles. Her philosophy is “Live Life on the Edge or Just Go Home.” The battle cry the Bold & Sassy Community is “Kick A%$. Break the Rules. Make Sh%# Happen. And NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!”