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Gina Moore – Your Inspiration at Home

Episode Summary –
Gina has come from a varied background, growing up working with her parents on the family farm and then later working in their family business which they had for 25years.

So owning her own business has always been ‘normal’ to Gina. It is of no surprise coming from that background that she has been part of many ‘adventures’ that have led her on the path to being where she is today.

Gina’s past successes include building a substantial Amway business and becoming one of Australia’s top Sales Managers for the Bessemer Cookware company.

Her biggest success she says though, has been marrying her amazing partner in life, Karl Moore and their 3 most gorgeous children, Julia – 12yrs, James – 9 yrs & Emily 6yrs.

Gina is a big believer in family life and loves being able to spend the time she wants to as a Mum & Wife. Supporting, nurturing and encouraging her children to always ‘Think Big’ because creating the ideal lifestyle you want with an abundance of time, and money to enjoy it is something we all strive for in life but do not always succeed in getting unless we have the right foundations!

Gina’s journey in YIAH began fast and has been a fast and wild ride ever since! And she wouldn’t have it any other way!

To Gina, being able to share the “Your Inspiration At Home” Gift with others and to see them also succeed is the greatest reward there is in her eyes. She has helped many people within her Organisation during her 4 years with YIAH and she beams with pride when speaking about the current 100 Leaders and 11 Directors in her success line and is so proud to have such an amazingly talented group of equally-minded women to work alongside with.

Gina is working towards creating more of her “happy place” to be in daily and although the journey is challenging at times, she has come to learn from some amazing mentors, that without a ‘stretch, there is no growth’ and that ‘Anything is possible if you have an UNSTOPPABLE attitude’!!