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Marc Miller

Episode Summary –

Marc Miller’s career journey included 22 years at IBM, several thriving tech startups, a stint as a high school math teacher, a gig raising funds for the Jewish Community Center and a near fatal bicycle accident that changed his perspective forever.

But after thirty years of wandering the proverbial career desert, often repeating the same mistakes over and over, Marc learned his most crucial lesson:

Most people don’t really know what makes them happy at their core, what fulfills them.

They pursue money, status, a skill set, all of which provide some level of satisfaction, but not contentment. They wind up feeling frustrated and trapped. Others have figured out what they need, but don’t know how to chart a course to get there.

An active member of the Launch Pad Job Club, Marc found himself counseling friends and associates on their career journeys and finally realized he’d found his vocation. He now uses his extensive training experience to help others—especially Baby Boomers— and careers that they could grow into for the decades that lie ahead.