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Tracy Vlahos – The Lady V

Episode Summary –

Tracey Vlahos is the founder of the LadyV consulting, designed to help women create the business, body, and life they desire, without feeling guilty, frazzled or burned-out.

Tracey is a high-energy speaker, author, and certified health practitioner. She is known for delighting audiences with practical ways to release weight for good and enjoy increased energy. Her mission is to activate change and confidence in women who want to live a healthier life while creating success.

One of Tracey’s most memorable moments was being the first woman to be chosen from the United States to be named “Heroine of the Month” by the Aspire Foundation & The Heroine's Quest. She was awarded this honor as a woman who possesses outstanding qualities in supporting other women and making an impact in her community and in the world.

But what Tracey is most proud about are her two children: her daughter Felicia, 25yrs and son, Chasee, 20yrs old. They have grown up in the Direct Sales Industry, and it is where they have learned that treating others with respect is key to success in any area of your life, along with hard work and genuinely caring for others.