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From Zero to Eight Figures: A Journey to Creating a Scalable Business Model with Josh Hadley

Episode Summary –

In this episode, Josh Hadley, founder of ecom Breakthrough Podcast and an 8-figure ecommerce business, shares his backstory on being an entrepreneur. He discusses how he started creating a team and scaled his business, and gives advice for growing from 7 to 8 figures. Other topics discussed include diversifying income streams, using Amazon to achieve success, and focusing on business levers that drive revenue. Josh also talks about his definition of a happy place and encourages listeners to keep pushing while focusing on what works.

Key Learnings :

[00:04:17] Started from zero, now 8 figures online.

[00:06:44] Facebook groups, wedding invitations, Amazon success story.

[00:12:11] Scaling business to 8 figures: hiring, research, and team.

[00:15:09] Identify levers, create systems, and hire team members.

[00:23:04] Challenging times during COVID, wrong focus.

[00:26:43] Focus on revenue-driving levers for success.

About Josh Hadley :

Josh Hadley is the founder and CEO of an 8-figure ecommerce business and host of the ecom Breakthrough podcast. He began his career in leadership development at American Airlines and received an MBA in 2014. Alongside his wife, he started a wedding invitation business which later pivoted into a stationary empire. Josh is a family man, raising 3 children with his wife, and enjoys working with her. He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, starting with a candy stand as a child. He is excited to share his story and knowledge with others on his podcast and through his business.

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