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Making Music Together: Unlocking Your Creative Potential With a Band – Wildwoods

Episode Summary –

As an artist, to grow and achieve success, it is important to put yourself out there, focus on developing yourself, and create what you want without worrying about peoples’ opinion. Pursuing your passion with dedication and staying true to yourself is the key factor. Don't just dream but take action towards what you want and make sure it makes you feel fulfilled at the same time. Doing so can reward you in a number of ways.

No one ever becomes a professional artist overnight. It takes time, patience, and tenacity to learn the tricks of the trade. You will make mistakes and some of your work may not turn out as expected – that's okay! The only way to get better is to experiment with new approaches, seek feedback from peers and mentors, and keep challenging yourself. If you are starting from scratch, give yourself a break – everyone starts as a beginner. Have faith in yourself and don't be too hard on yourself.

In this episode, Wildwoods, a husband and wife duo (Noah and Chloe Gose) along with Andrew Vaggalis on bass, share their story of rebranding. They also share the value of collaboration in creating music and content, as well as their transition from college to the real world. They emphasize the importance of pursuing your own dreams while taking risks to create exactly what you want out of your career.

Let’s jump in!

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[02:29] How Wildwood's got started and where they are in their journey.
[06:08] The instrument side, how the Wildwood plays them in their performance.
[12:12] Putting yourself out there and giving yourself a chance to grow on social media.
[12:58] Wildwoods’ favorite and memorable performances.
[17:53] Wildwoods’ superpower that has helped them in their journey.
[20:28] How Wildwoods navigate the creativity and the business side of their career.
[27:02] How to engage with and grow your fan base.
[32:21] What does working from your happy place mean to Wildwoods?
[36:12] Wildwood’s advice to young artists who want to pursue their passion.
[41:38] Ending the show with one of the Wildwood's newest releases, West Virginia Rain

About Wildwoods: –
The Wildwoods are an enchanting Folk/Americana trio based in Lincoln, Nebraska, whose flowing songwriting tandem has been praised by Paste Magazine as “focused and charmingly human.” The Wildwoods' delicate melodies and descriptive lyrics come from nature, love, experiences from the road, and growing up in Nebraska.

The band released their debut album, Sweet Nostalgia, followed by a duo EP, Birdie & Goose, in 2017 and quickly established themselves as a creative, harmonious, and instrumental force in their local music scene. Since then, The Wildwoods have released another full-length record, Across A Midwest Sky (2019), as well as a handful of singles, Little Home (2020) and Like My Old Man (2021), and have supported touring acts such as Elephant Revival, Arts Fishing Club, The Accidentals, The Way Down Wanderers, and Jamie Wyatt.

Along with performing several Sofar concerts in cities such as London, Brooklyn, and St. Louis, as well as a European tour in 2019, the group has performed at several festivals, including Summerfest, The Nebraska Folk and Roots Festival, Wakarusa, and the Flatwater Music Festival.

In 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2021 The Wildwoods were nominated by the Omaha Arts and Entertainment Awards as a top Americana/Folk artist in Nebraska, and in 2022 they were named “Best Band” by the Lincoln Journal Star’s ‘Lincoln’s Choice Awards.’ The group’s musical momentum continues into 2022 with their latest single release, Thirteen Sailboats, in anticipation for the release of their new full-length LP, Foxfield St. John, scheduled for release in February of 2023.

Comprised of husband and wife team Noah (guitar) and Chloe Gose (violin), as well as Andrew Vaggalis (bass), The Wildwoods draw inspiration from a wide range of influences, including the styles of Watchhouse, The Decemberists, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, Peter, Paul, & Mary, Nickel Creek, Joni Mitchell, and Gregory Alan Isakov. The folk/Americana trio work to harmoniously and delicately blend their voices to create a sound so nostalgic that you may find yourself dreaming and longing for those sweet memories from your former days.

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