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Unlock your Creative Potential and Craft your Legacy Through Art with Susan Prado

Episode Summary –

rtists have had a lasting impact on society and culture, bringing to life things that may have otherwise gone unseen or unheard. Through their work they can inspire others and create unique experiences. However, sometimes, these artistic endeavors can feel aimless and lack passion or purpose. As a mosaic artist, Susan Prado has defied the traditional narrative to create a fulfilling and meaningful life that future generations will remember.

In this episode, Susan Prado will give you a glimpse into the life of an artist and how having creativity can lead to creating a meaningful life. She shares her story of mosaic art and how she’s using it to leave a legacy in her community. Susan also talks about resilience and tenacity, two essential skills every artist needs in order to become successful. Even when it seems like all your hard work has been for nothing, never give up – true success comes only with persistence.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[02:38] Susan’s backstory, her journey in entrepreneurship, and the exciting things she’s worked on.
[09:25] Where her business is today.
[16:52] Susan’s unique skill sets that have catalyzed her success.
[23:08] Susan’s way of growing her following and fanbase as an artist.
[26:18] Key takeaways from mosaic art. Several product types Susan has used in her mosaics.
[30:27] The big mosaic art project that Susan is currently working on.
[37:15] What does working from your happy place mean to Susan?
[40:04] Susan’s advice to young artists who want to create a life out of their creativity.

About Susan Prado: –
Susan Prado is a native Nashvillian and practicing visual artist, writer, community arts facilitator, and project design coordinator. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design in 2001, and her experience in the field of design, architecture, and urban planning has been an important element of her work. Since 2005 she has collaborated with partner Jairo Prado, establishing Prado Studio and coordinating multiple large-scale community outreach projects.

Her expertise in management and implementation of hands-on workshops, apprenticeship programs, public art projects, commissions, and architectural installations has enabled the Prado Studio to engage and impact the local community in significant ways as they partner with schools, organizations, institutions, arts agencies, city planners, architects, and contractors. Her personal and community-based work explores creative, cultural, and spiritual identity, as well as the process of healing and transformation.

How to connect with Susan Prado: